A quarter of the steel industry losses or stainless steel industry also could not escape the bad luck loss
time: 2015-05-18|source: Internet|Views: 381

China iron and Steel Industry Association held 18 news conference said, since this year, the steel industry continues to face the grim situation of low price, high cost, resulting in a further decline in economic benefits of iron and steel enterprises. According to the China Steel Association of large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises to focus on the statistics, the first 3 months of this year, the cumulative total industrial output value of 785067000000 yuan, an increase of 0.24%; to achieve sales revenue of 863888000000 yuan, down 0.95%; to achieve profits of 15184000000 yuan, down 64.83%, of which profit is negative 1034000000 yuan.
China's steel industry continues to face market demand, steel prices, raw material prices high, the grim situation of declining economic efficiency, the first quarter of the economic benefits of the steel enterprises to further decline, the production of iron and steel industry losses into industry losses, the loss amounted to 33%. But CISA also said, at present, monthly earnings situation gradually improved, and strive to achieve industry profits during the first half of the year. According to the summary information from the domestic part of steel, stainless steel industry or from a quarter of the overall loss of doom.
A few days ago, TISCO released 2012 first quarter results notice, the company said, in 2012 a quarter of the international economic downturn, the decline in domestic economic growth, shrinking market demand, overcapacity in the steel industry, product prices low for a long time to run, and the high cost of procurement of raw fuel, influence the level of profitability of the company products decreased, TISCO first quarter profit over the same period last year dropped. The company expects first quarter attributable to shareholders of the listing Corporation's net profit 135000000 yuan -2.25 million yuan, down 50%-70%; basic earnings per share earnings of about 0.024 yuan -0.040 yuan.